10 Items To Make Your First Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into your first apartment can be a bit overwhelming. There are lot of things to consider. For me, an important aspect of moving into my first apartment, was making sure that it feels like home. I found that I got so wrapped in making sure that I got the basics on lock down, such…

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10 Office Essentials For Your Work Closet in your 20’s

I am always thinking about what to wear to certain events, in fact most females do. Being in my 20’s and as a recent graduate, I had absolutely no idea what to wear work. What is considered as appropriate work attire? What are the office essentials I should own as a working girl in her…

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Creating A Smart Budget to Manage Millennial Money

Creating a budget is definitely important to manage your money successfully, especially in your 20’s. But most people cringe at the sound of the word, I hope you didn’t do this. Because no matter how bad it sounds, budgets are not as bad as they have been made out to be. It is just a…

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