Feel more confident: Being confident is not easy, especially for people that are introverts at heart, like myself. It is not as simple as just saying “be more confident”, and boom, you’re there. It takes a little bit of work. Since I have experience with this topic, I thought I could help you out. It…

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10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own: The effect that the right shoe has on any outfit should not be underestimated. You can use your shoe to drastically dress up an otherwise simple outfit. Here are the 10 shoes every woman should own just to get you started. ***Click on image to shop item. CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS…

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How to be Consistent and Achieve Your Goals

Setting and Achieving Your Goals: We all have big goals that we want to achieve in life. You may not necessarily call it a goal, but you definitely have a dream in one form or another. The difference between these two is that a goal is simply a dream with a plan or strategy. So…

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How to have the (real) talk about money with your friends

Money talk, the real talk   Being in a group of friends, you will generally have to attend different events for one reason or another. You and your friends might have to visit a fancy place to hang out, celebrate a birthday or even a new job. Some of your friends might enjoy the finer…

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45 Gift Ideas for 20 Something Women

Gift Guide   With today being my birthday, I have decided to put out a list of items that you can purchase as a gift to the 20 something women in your life. PS: This is not to hint to my friends of the kind of gift they should get me on this day. GIFTS…

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