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15 Habits for Women to Effortlessly Be More Attractive

Feel and be more attractive with these habits: As women we are already very beautiful and attractive beings. However, as we tackle the challenges in the world and strive to make things happen and achieve our goals, it will help to actually feel confident and attractive. Because once you look good, you will feel good…

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10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own: The effect that the right shoe has on any outfit should not be underestimated. You can use your shoe to drastically dress up an otherwise simple outfit. Here are the 10 shoes every woman should own just to get you started. ***Click on image to shop item. CLASSIC WHITE SNEAKERS…

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10 Office Essentials For Your Work Closet in your 20’s

I am always thinking about what to wear to certain events, in fact most females do. Being in my 20’s and as a recent graduate, I had absolutely no idea what to wear work. What is considered as appropriate work attire? What are the office essentials I should own as a working girl in her…

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