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13 Effective Steps to Writing The Perfect Resume in 2019

The starting point when thinking about getting that dream job is how well you can sell yourself on your resume. With a well-written resume you can get an interview, at which point you convince the panel that you are the right candidate. These resume writing tips will ensure that a stable foundation is created with…

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How to make more time for everything you want to do: Time is one of the most precious resources…corny? Maybe. But so true as well. Our ability to work on our goals, do the things we love with our people is only possible if we have the time to do it. The good news is…

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Job hunting tips – how to deal

Job Hunting Tips The job hunting process is not an easy one. For you to successfully make it through, you will not only need effective strategies but tips on how to emotionally deal with the process. Here are some job hunting tips that will help you get through this process successfully. JOB HUNTING STRATEGIES When…

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Women Empowerment Lessons from 5 TED Talks

Women empowerment One thing you may not know about me is that I am such a sucker for women empowerment. I mean being a women in this century is one of the most beautiful things, but it can also be quiet challenging. I believe that women have so much potential. We can achieve a lot…

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5 First Impressions that will make you thrive in your new job

  Starting a new job is the perfect opportunity for a clean slate. You can take what you have learnt from past experiences and put it to use to do even better in your career. How you begin this journey is very important in ensuring this success. First impressions determine how people perceive you as…

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