Hi There! I am Beekay

So after completing my studies I found that I had so many adjustments to make. For lack of a better word Adulting was not that easy!

There were so many aspects of life to consider and the biggest limitation being a tight budget because of my measly starter salary. My time spent researching “how-to’s” as I stumbled through the changes in my life. Being an over thinking, over critical perfectionist made the struggle even harder.

Starting the Flourish in’ 20’s Blog …

I started this blog to share the information that everyone needs to not only get through their 20′, but to flourish in them! This blog presents the different how-to’s all in one place so that you don’t have to go through what I did.

My main motivation is that if I had a resource such as this blog, where all relevant information and advice is in one place, it would have really accelerated my progress.

I had to tackle dealing with my finances, moving into a new apartment, and figuring out what to wear to ‘grown up’ events.

This blog contains invaluable information that I have learnt along the way. So come with me, as I show you how to Flourish in your 20’s!

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