5 Meal Prep Tips For Lazy People

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Meal prep

If you are planning on eating healthy but find that you just don’t have time to prepare healthy meals every single day, then meal prep may be the solution for you.

The basic idea of meal prep is to prepare whole meals or dishes ahead of time so that you have them available when you need them, thus saving you time. The benefits of meal preparation are that :

  • You can save money by planning your meals, plus it will reduce the number of times that you buy take-out.
  • You can save time since you prepare then meals or dishes at a time that is convenient for you. Then you just grab one when needed.
  • Can help with dieting and weight control, as you decide the ingredients and portions served ahead of time. This reduces the chances of cheating on your diet.
  • Can reduce stress as you avoid last minute decisions about what to eat, or rushed preparation

Now that we have established the benefits of meal prep, let’s get into how you can make it work for you if you have a busy schedule.

1. Pick a Time

It is easier to get something done if you schedule it in. So choose a time that is most convenient for you to batch prepare your meals. If you are doing meal prep for a week, then preparing meals on the Sunday beef might work best for you.

2. Cook for a Specific Duration

The whole idea of meal preparation is to save the amount of time you spend on cooking healthy meals daily. So it is best to maximise your potential by meal prepping for a specific duration. The ideal time to meal prep for is usually one week. That way, you can focus on work and other things for an entire week before having to worry about cooking healthy meals on the weekend.

3. Plan for your Meal Prep

As much meal preparation is a plan for the food that you will eat in the next week, it is best to plan for the batch cooking session as well. Whether it takes you an hour or 2 hours to batch cook on Sundays, this cooking session will be easier on you if you plan ahead. This includes creating a grocery list and shopping for the ingredients ahead of time. Plan the meals that you will make as well the portions you will serve. This will make you dread batch cooking on Sundays less.

4. Keep it Simple

The main objective of meal prep is to ensure that you eat the right food to achieve your health goals. Eating gourmet meals is therefore not a priority. Make meal preparation easier for you by keeping it simple. An easy way to do this is to plan meals that may include the same dishes or ingredients. That way, you maximise your output or the number of dishes that you can make on a set number of dishes/ingredients.

5. Make it “To-Go”

An important part of meal preparation is storage or packaging. After working so hard to prepare healthy meals, you wouldn’t want to go to work one morning without your lunch simply because you didn’t have time to dish it up in the morning. a pro tip is to use the right lunch tins for your portion sizes. Depending on the meals, you may need to refrigerate or freeze your meals.  Label all prepped items with a date so that you can track when to use them by. 

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