How to build STYLISH everyday outfits (A FORMULA)

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Figuring out to wear every single day can become tedious. Although you may have a closet full of clothes, when the time comes to come up with outfits, it seems like you have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Well we’re here to show you how you can put your everyday outfits without the daily struggle.

1. Consider The Weather

This is the first step to consider when picking an outfit. Although it is important that you look good, it is essential that you are comfortable in weather-appropriate clothing. by checking the weather for the day or week, you can plan the mood and possible style of clothing that you need to consider for your outfit. Also, checking the hourly weather will let you know if you need to bring along a sweater for later on.

2. Choose Your Colours

The colour(s) that you choose for your outfits are important to demonstrate your mood or feelings. The colours that you decide to wear can be based on what you may be going through in your life. For example, I make sure to avoid wearing white pants when it is that time of the month. Alternatively, when it is cold I generally go for dark or warmer colours. It also saves time if you organise your closet based on the type and colour of clothing.

3. Begin With The Base

The base of your outfit are the pieces that form it. This could be a simple jean, top or a dress for example. These are the pieces that are essentially going to be the “star” of the outfit. Pair the star piece with basic pieces that compliment (without overpowering) the main piece. During this step you should also ensure that your undergarments work well with the outfit. Having visible bra straps or panty lines will compromise your outfit.

4. Choose Your Jewellery

Most people stop at step 3 with their outfits, however if you want to elevate your style, incorporate jewellery with every outfit. Accessorising with jewellery with make you feel more put together, will dress up your outfit and generally make you feel a bit better about how you look. In cases where you need to dress for a relaxed vibe, choose subtle jewellery. It will make all of the difference.

5. Add An Outer Piece

The outfit may look perfect and put together as is so this next step is optional. Based on the weather, occasion or your mood, you may need to add a piece of outerwear. For example, a jacket may be used to dress up a basic outfit.

6. Pick A Shoe

The shoe that you choose to wear can make or break your outfit. You can use different shoe styles to either dress up or dress down an outfit. So pick a shoe that will go well with the mood that you are trying to portray with your outfits.

7. Top It Off With A Bag

Choose the perfect bag to elevate your outfit. Take into considering the style, shape, size and most importantly, the colour of the bag that you choose. It does not need to directly match your clothing pieces but ensure that it does not clash with them.

Pro tip: Build up your handbag collection with classy, simple and elegant bags to make sure that they compliment most of your outfit combinations.

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Do you use any of these styling hacks when choosing your outfits? Feel free to share your tips in the comments!


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