How to look expensive on a budget

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How to look expensive on a budget

Look expensive

I always used to say that my current fashion style is not my true style…I just can’t afford to dress the way that I truly want to. If this how you feel as well, I am here to tell you that this does not necessarily have to be true. You can look expensive and have the fashion sense that truly represents you without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how you can look expensive on a budget.

Wear Neutral Tones

Following this tip can make your outfit look more luxurious. Neutral tones are a classic and timeless way of dressing. This makes your clothing pieces relevant through most seasons and you can pair them up with almost anything.

Get a Perfect Fit

An easy way to make your outfits look expensive on a budget is to simply make sure that they fit you correctly. You can do this by getting a tailor to alter those fashion that don’t look so great on you. A high-end fashion item that is ill fitting is going to look cheap on you despite the cost, whereas an affordable piece that has been altered to fit you perfectly will elevate your outfit and make it look more expensive.

Minimize Patterns

Whenever I purge my closet, I noticed that I usually got rid of the clothing that had patterns. Although I love fun clothing with patterns, I generally get over it very quickly. In addition, clothing tends to look a lot more expensive on the high street than it actually is if it has no patterns os is made of simple patterns. I like to look for prints that aren’t too busy. Timeless prints  never go out of style, so they’re a much safer bet in terms of shopping for pieces that will not only look luxe, but also have serious longevity in your closet.

Wear Black 

Black is considered classy and chic colour.  It’s a gorgeous, serious, and strong colour. Since it is a solid colour it coordinates with other colours and patterns.  This is why all black outfits look so classy and elegant.

Pointed is Better

Wear pointed shoes over round ones. They make your outfit look expensive and elegant with very little effort. Black or nude are popular colours that go with everything.  They are considered wardrobe essentials.

Sunglasses are Cool

Wear sunglasses and you’ll look cool and collected!  Perhaps the images of celebrities wearing beautiful sunglasses have been an influence for us to wear them.  The fancy and elegant sunglasses help make your outfit look expensive.

Minimalist Jewellery

Minimalistic necklaces and bracelets are in fashion.  Couple your outfits with simple jewellery to make it look more expensive. The aim is to get jewellery that does not overpower or distract from what you’re wearing…instead it should compliment it.

how to look expensive on a budget

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