How to Decorate Your Coffee Table Like A Pro

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coffee table

Coffee table

The coffee table is the focal point of the living room, so it helps to have it look aesthetically pleasing. Styling a coffee table can be done in a hundred different ways. However, once you look at the number of coffee table styles online, you’ll start to notice a few similarities. From trays to candles to books and flowers… decorating your coffee table can be a bit daunting especially for a newbie. A good formula for good coffee table decor is Book + Plant + Decorative Object = Stylish Coffee Table.This post will show you the best tips to help you style and decorate your table like a pro.

So firstly, you need to create a vignette. What is that? Simply put, it is a group of eye pleasing objects displayed on the table. We will show you the object placement that will easily help you decorate your coffee table to be stylish but practical.

1. Start With A Base

The base is used as an anchor for the table. In most cases, using a tray is the best option. This will make the whole vignette look more cohesive and grounded. Trays are also staples for coffee and tea that you’ll serve for guests making this a practical object for your coffee table. A stylish tray is a great addition because it enables you to serve food or drinks without leaving a mess at the same time it can be used to display decorative objects on your coffee table. Get a large enough tray so that it holds everything you want to put out. This will keep it from looking too cluttered.

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2. Add a Plant or Flower

Having a plant or flower on your table will bring life into the room. You could choose real flowers or faux plants which would be lower maintenance than real flowers which die after some time. Ensure that you pay attention to the size of the plant, choose one that does not obstruct the view of people seated by the table. You can choose colours that match with your living room’s aesthetic and furniture. Play around with the vase as well, choose one that works with the mood of entire room.

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3. Texturize With A Book

Books as decor are simple and inexpensive ways to add texture to your coffee table. Placing books or magazines that highlight your interests and personality on top of your table and may be great conversation starters in future. Pay attention to the book covers’ colour. You could stack books in matching colours to establish a cohesive look and feel. Cover the book covers if the book cover doesn’t match your theme. They can also add height when used to elevate smaller items and can be placed in small baskets for an interesting feature.

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4. Add A Large Decorative Object

Use something unexpected that will put some of your personality into the vignette. Spice up your coffee table with decorative objects that highlight your personality. You can add any item of your choosing but you should add something to your grouping that is the star of the show, unique and a conversation starter.

5. Include Light

Adding a light source such as candles can light up the room and improve the room’s vibe. Scented candles will also help your living room smell good so experiment with assorted fragrances. Experiment with different designs of candle holders to make your vignette more interesting.

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6. Object Placement is Crucial

It is recommended to keep your vignette either diagonal to one side or placed in the middle. This keeps the vignette anchored with an uncluttered look plus you don’t have to worry about anything falling over. Use the rule of odds to arrange objects in set of three, five or seven because odd numbers are more eye catching. This is the number of accessories in your vignette. Choose contrasting colours to let the vignette stand out from the coffee table but keep the colour scheme cohesive with your theme. Height and scale play an important visual effect. Ideally, you want the eye to be able to look up and down as it travels across your vignette. Height will give it visual interest. Varying the size of the decorative objects makes the grouping much more appealing.

Take Home Points

Decorating your coffee table should be fun. Play around with different decorative objects and add your personal touch. Feel free to share pictures of your own coffee table so we can see how you’ve implemented these tips.

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