Mistakes That You’re Probably Making on Your Job Application

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job application mistakes

job application

We are not really taught in school the important things like how to put in a good job application. Even though your job application may not be perfect, it is best to avoid the obvious mistakes that will get your application tossed out instantly. Job applications serve the purpose of providing preliminary information to determine if you qualify for the job and can move on to the interview stage of the hiring process. Your application is critically important to your job prospects: only two percent of applicants actually make it to the next step of being invited for an interview. Job applications provide job seekers an avenue to express interest in a position and relay pertinent information about their qualifications to employers. Here are the following mistakes that people make on their job applications that are jeopardising their chances of getting their dream job.

1. Not researching the company

It is clear to human resources if you have no idea about what a company does from your job application. This is particularly evident in your cover letter. Most people keep a generic resume on hand and send it out whenever an opportunity arises. This however puts you at a disadvantage since the skills that you will cite may not align with the company’s interests and values. Each application should reflect why you are the best person for the company, not just the job position. When you’ve just made a countless number of applications and you don’t structure your application per company, it shows.

2. Sending Multiple Job Applications

Sending in multiple job applications to the same company for the same job position is considered disrespectful and annoying. Recruiters are already dealing with a lot of applications, so having to go through yours more than once not only creates more work for the recruiter, it wastes time and it definitely does not make you look good. 

3. Applying after the deadline has passed

This is a major red flag as it shows that you are not capable of following simple instructions. In addition, you cannot meet an important deadline. This therefore gives recruiters an impression that you are not trustworthy and cannot be relied upon when it counts.

4. Sending in an application with mistakes

One common mistake is not proof reading your job application for spelling and grammatical errors. This is unprofessional and may get on the nerves of most recruiters. You don’t need to be the best writer or have the best spelling all the time, but that just means that you need to work that much harder to submit a good application that comes across as professional since it is the first impression that you make. So make it a good one.

5. Sending a generic cover letter

Submitting a cover letter that is clearly a template will work against you. Recruiters are looking for someone who sounds engaged and excited to work for their company. So your job application and cover letter needs to reflect that. It does not matter how many applications you are making each day, take the time to craft a unique and engaging cover letter that will impress the recruiters.

Take Home Points: Avoiding Mistakes on Your Job Application

To ensure that your job application is among those that get accepted into the interview stage, it is not enough to be qualified. It needs to be professional and make a good first impression. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes by making sure that you tailor you job application and cover letter to the specific company and job position that you are applying for. Do not send in multiple applications for the same job, proof read your application and be sure to submit your application before the end of the deadline. Avoiding these mistakes will give you chance to get you dream job.

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