11 Secret Tips to always look polished and put together

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look put together

Put together

To look put together is to dress well. If you look put together you pay attention to your appearance and you dress appropriately for your work. Looking put together is essential for your confidence and is definitely vital to have as you go about achieving your goals in career and business.

Important to note is that you make sure that you want to look polished and put together for you. It is about how you feel and not about what others think. It’s true that if you look good, you feel good and you will therefore go on to do good, and that is the main aim of this whole exercise.

Prep your face

It is not easy to feel good about yourself when your skin does not look and feel healthy. Throwing make-up over it is a good and temporary fix, however invest your time in creating a skin care routine for yourself. It is then important that you stick to it consistently so that your efforts can quickly and efficiently translate to results in how good your skin looks.

Have Your Hair Done

Noe it does not matter what you do to it but ensure that your hair is kept clean, neat and shiny. A pro tip is to style your hair in a way that is flattering for the shape of your face. This important step will ensure that your outfit is complimented and you feel more put together and confident.

Establish a Uniform

It is always nice to dress up and go all out but it can become tedious to have to come up with a great outfit every morning. So establish a good looking uniform that you can put on days when you are not sure what to wear. Take note of outfit combinations that get you the most compliments and revert to those during these times. Make it different and fun but basically the same uniform. In addition to this, invest in fashion pieces that compliment your skin tone and under tone. Experiment with different designs to find what works for you. For example, you may try high necks because they look more classy or pointy flats are better than round ones because they appear more elegant.

Have a Tailor

No matter how expensive or good looking your outfit may look, it will not matter if it does not fit you perfectly. In the end you may just end up looking sloppy and awkward. For you to look more put together, your fashion pieces need to fit you perfectly. This will also encourage you to wear them more in a variety of outfit combinations.

Iron Your Clothes

As a follow up to clothes that don’t fit well, creased clothes do not look good. So spend time ensuring that your clothes are straight and sleek. You could either iron or steam them. You could take this further by having a mini steamer to touch up your outfit as they day goes (especially if you have an important meeting later on in the day).

Take Care of Your Eyes

People can tell a lot about how you are feeling from your eyes. Ever get the annoying “you look tired” comment? Definitely not empowering. Use a few eye drops that can help make you look more awake. If possible, just throw on a pair of good sunglasses to cover up your tired-looking eyes. This trick will instantly make you look fabulous.

Care for your hands

In most cases you may use your hands when you are speaking to make your point. Now imagine those hands have dirty and chipped nail polish…that would definitely affect your confidence in articulating yourself effectively and would probably make you self-conscious of yourself from that point going forward. So make an effort to keep your hands clean and moisturised and your nails trimmed and polished. With all of the nail trends out there, make sure that you go for a design that would still be functional for the work that you do.

Establish your make-up profiles

If you are someone who wears make-up then having clear make-up profiles beforehand will help you feel more put together. What this means is that you should have easy go-to make-up routines for when you go to work, soft glam, going out make-up, day-to-day make-up and even your no make-up day routines. This removes the stress of having to try achieve a look that goes well with your outfit and is appropriate for the occasion.


Accessories are pieces that can elevate any outfit so it is wise to invest in a few high quality pieces. Another good thing about accessories is that they can last longer and will always fit you well (regardless of your weight fluctuations). So splurge on shoes, handbags and sunglasses to look more put together for any occasion.

Have Backup Flats

It is good to keep good looking flats as a backup option. You may have a great outfit but being unable to walk in will make you look less put together. There are a lot of stylish flats that you can look into that are also compact for you to keep with you.

Stand Tall and Walk with Intention

Sometimes you may not feel up to it and slouchy, but if you own your look and walk like you belong, you will appear more confident. Walk with your shoulder back and head held high as this exudes more confidence and makes you look more put together.

Take Home Points: Looking Put Together

There are multiple things that you can start doing today to help make you look polished and put together. But remember that the important part of this is to make sure that you feel good about yourself so that you can confidently navigate the challenges that you may face. 

What other tips do you have on how to look put together? Let us know in the comments below.

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