Time Management Tips That Actually Work

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Time is the great equalizer. We all have the same amount of it and what you decide to do with yours is completely up to you. It may feel more like some people get to do more while you are struggling to work productively and efficiently to achieve your goals. The only difference between you and the next person is probably your time management skills. This article will show you how you can manage your time more effectively and get to do those needle-point moving tasks that will help you succeed.

Change Your Mindset

If you are struggling to be productive or you keep procrastinating when it comes to doing certain tasks, the problem might be your mindset. You need to establish a clear ‘why’ to motivate you to get work done. Do this by asking yourself the right questions and being honest about the answer. 

For example, Why is it important that I stick to my study schedule? Why is getting this qualification even important to me? Why is it worth it? 

With a well established motive, you are more likely to do more work rather than second guessing yourself and resorting to procrastination. You will instead find yourself managing your time well and ensuring that the important tasks get done in the right time frame.

Use A Calendar

Using your calendar is an essential time management tool. It allows you to not only plan how you will spend the hours in your day, but it is a great way to track how you manage your time as well as your productivity. And once you are tracking your time and have information on hoe you spend your days, then you can begin to work on improving your time management. You can use strategies such as calendar blocking to input every single task that you do through out your day. This will help you see where you are going wrong. It does not matter if you use a planner, printable or digital calendar…what is important is that you use one.


This essential means that you have to make sure that what is important to you gets done. Central to making this happen is understanding that when you commit to doing something at a certain time, that essentially means that you are saying No to doing something else. The more you actively choose/prioritize things that are going to propel you forward and start saying No to things that don’t serve you, the more you will manage your time wisely and use it on what matters. This essentially will cause you to be more productive

Keep Your Promises To You

It is easier for people to keep promises that they make to others but they end up flaking on themselves. For example, you always get to work by 9 am every morning and you work for 8 hours everyday because it is a promise that you made to your company (through your contract). However, when it comes to doing something for yourself, you may feel it is easier to reschedule/cancel it to do something else. You could plan on reading a book in the evening or going to the gym for a workout, but end up on your sofa watching netflix for 2 hours. Repeating this kind of behaviour eventually leads you to believing that you are not important and that is why you can cancel your plans. This creates a vicious cycle of procrastination which is not easy to get out of.

Take Home Points: How Can You Manage Your Time Well?

It begins with knowing why it is important for you to achieve certain tasks. Prioritize them and make sure to schedule them into your calendar. Having a to-do list is not good enough because having a list of things to get done does not help unless you allocate a time slot in which they will be done. Having a calendar will help you achieve this. It will also help you review how you are managing your time and can be a measure of your productivity. Lastly, value the promises that you make to yourself. Once you stop flaking on yourself, you will achieve more, work effectively and in overall manage your time better.

What time management techniques do you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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