Top Tips On How to Take Care of Your Indoor plant

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how to take of your indoor plant


Modern decor styles often include incorporating indoor plants to bring life into your home. This trend however comes with the responsibility of taking care of these plants. As much as they are very pretty to look at and are refreshing in your home, taking care of plants does not come easy to all of us. If this sounds like you, this article will show you ways of taking care of your indoor plants, regardless of the type of plant.

Watering your plants

Ok starting off with the basics, watering your plants. We all know that plants require water to stay alive, grow and flourish. So make sure that you are watering your plants regularly. But how often do you need to water them? It is not enough that you water your plants, but ensure that you do not over-water them…yes there is such a thing. Everything in moderation. Usually watering your houseplants once to twice a week should be sufficient. If your plant feels light, it probably needs to be watered. Pick up the container to determine this. Also, keep the soil in the pot moist, but not dripping wet. If it is too wet, it could damage the roots.

Put the plant in light

In addition to water, plants require adequate exposure to sunlight to live. So place the pot in a well-lit room. The plant does not necessarily have to be in direct sunlight, however place it such that it receives more than 6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Also, do not move your plants around too much. Plants acclimate to their environment and moving them constantly can negatively affect the plant. Avoid sudden changes in the light or temperature of the plant’s environment. If you wish to move it, change the location for an hour a day until the plant adjusts to it.

The Right Temperature, Airflow & Rotation.

Most plants grow best when kept at a temperature of approximately 55 degrees F. When it gets cold or windy, you may have to move your plant. They generally thrive in warmer weather. In addition to this, still air can negatively affect the growth of your plant. Keep the air circulating with a ceiling fan to avoid this. Occasionally wipe down the leaves of your plants to avoid the build up of dust which would also negatively affect the plant’s health.

Fertilise Your Plant

Use fertiliser to replenish the nutrients in the soil. They are depleted as you water your plants or generally used up by the plant itself. Outdoor plants have regular sources of nutrients that’s why indoor plants need that extra attention. Fertilise your plants about once a month, especially in their growing or flowering stages. Use organic fertiliser on your plant, but note that plants in direct sunlight usually require more fertiliser.

Get A Bigger Pot

If you have done all of the above steps and your plant is growing well, congratulations. However, it does end there. You might need to get a slighter bigger pot to accommodate the growth. It is recommended to repot plants in spring as their growth will let them adjust into its new environment quickly.

Take Home Points

Having indoor plants in your home is a rapidly growing trend these days. You can take care of your plants by adequately watering them, putting them in light, fertilise them and ensure that the environment they are in is conducive for growth. If it all goes well, you might be repotting your plants to accommodate its growth! Share how you take care of your plants in the comments section below.

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