How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

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ho to overcome fear of failure


Your fear of failure can hold you back from achieving your goals. This article will show you how you can begin to work on overcoming this fear

Causes that lead to one fearing failure

Failure has been construed as not being smart and this may lead you to opt for not trying to do something than to do it and fail and be seen as a failure.

It is easy for people to attach their goals and dreams to themselves. They take they way that they go about achieving them personally. Therefore, if one fails, it immediately resonates as something being wrong with the person themselves. This leads to them doubting their ability to perform any other thing.  Especially when other people have been able to overcome what you are struggling with, this affects your mental health as you begin to compare yourself with others.

Reasons to overcome this fear

How fear of failure holds you back. Fearing failure results in a delay of achieving your goals and plans. 

It is overpowering to your emotions and leads to your questioning your capabilities which negatively affects your mental health.

How to overcome your fear of failure

Be positive. Regardless of the negative circumstances that may be put in front of you. One way to do this is by perceiving  failure not as a negative thing (like society wants you to believe) but as an opportunity to learn. 

Expect it. Know that on your journey to success, you will fail. You must understand that it is a journey and be positive about the loss and learn from it. This helps you recover from the failures quickly and move on with your plans.

Understand that once you fail, you are no longer starting from scratch. You have gained some experience and have learned. Take this new knowledge to propel yourself into achieving your goals.

Celebrate your success (no matter how little). It is not easy to keep going when there is no one to cheer you on when you have little successes. By celebrating yourself during these times you will be able to pull yourself out of your failures instead of giving up. 

Understand that people are different. “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, the fish will go through its entire life thinking it is a failure”. Find your strengths and caspiotalize on them. Work on your weaknesses.

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