How to Setup A Chic (But Practical) Home Office

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how to design your home office


Wanna design a stylish and on trend home office which is also practical to use? The following tips will help you setup up an office that will make you want to work on your goals all day.

1. Ideal space or location

When looking for the ideal location of your home office, most of us rarely have an entire room to spare for that purpose. So it is important that you look for a space that is big enough for everything that you need. A spot by a window is best to get enough lighting. You should also consider setting up your office in a conducive work environment. So select a spot in your home where there is minimal foot traffic and distractions.

2. Ideal setup

Place everything where it is easily accessible for you. A shelf beside you is better than one above the desk where you constantly need to get up to get commonly used stuff.  Consider your workflow. As much as having decorative pieces is great, let them not be in your way or end up cluttering your space, such that you can’t work effectively.

3. Invest in a good chair

It is great if you have a beautiful chair that goes with the theme but it needs to be practical and comfortable as well. This is where you will be spending a majority of your time working on your dream.

4. Include inspiration

Since this is where you will be working on your dream, it is best to have items that inspire you as an individual. This can range from multiple things including quotes, photos of your loved ones or even your vision board.

5. Include Fresh Flowers or Plants

There are multiple benefits to having living plants or flowers in your workspace. A lovely plant is said to help keep you feeling calm and clean the air—plus it looks pretty too. Plants are also good for cleaning the air, and are low maintenance.

6. A Rug to bring it together

A beautiful area rug can be perfect for sectioning off your home office and for grounding your space. You could go for a colourful rug that brings the rest of the colours in your office together. Alternatively you could opt for neutral colours which will keep your design simple and elegant.

7. Let there be light

This can be achieved by being by a window, adding candles or a stylish minimalistic lamp.

Natural light makes a space feel bigger—which is always a plus in a small space.

8. Paint the Walls

Paint the walls a color that will make you willing to work in that space all day if you have to. For me, that color is white since I prefer a clear space…it clears my mind and helps me think. Alternatively incorporate bright colours that spark your inspiration.

9. Include a Time Keeper

This is a great tip to avoid having your phone with you. It allows you to stay focussed on a certain task for long periods of time without distractions. I had an hour glass which I used for the Pomodoro technique. It was both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

10. Organize your Space

You probably won’t have much space to work with. So optimise whatever small space that you have to maximise your space. Try using different organisation tools and containers to store everything that you need and achieve a minimalistic, clear design that inspires you to work.

Office Design Tips: Take Home

Designing your home office can be a fun project. You can consider multiple designs from chic to minimalistic and so on. But don’t forget to make sure that it is still practical and will motivate you to get work done in the space.

What items do you use to spark inspiration in your home office? Let us know in the comments section below.

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