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resetting bad habits

Resetting Bad Habits

Getting rid of bad habits is not easy, forming good habits is even harder. There is one strategy however that you can use to reset your bad habits and ultimately form good habits. This strategy is known as reseting bad habits or forming good habits by creating systems.

Resetting Bad Habits: What Is The Strategy?

It may seem that some people are able to achieve their goals and maintain good habits, simply because they are disciplined. It may look like the people who wake up at 5 am everyday to go to the gym have more self-discipline than you do and it is a genetic trait that you just don’t have. That may be true, however there is a way for you to overcome your restrictions and form good habits.

The strategy is to create systems that will make it much easier for you to reset bad habits and form good ones. You do this by identifying the bad habit and finding ways of fighting it. The examples below will demonstrate how easy it is to set up such systems.

Resetting Bad Habits: Step 1

Step 1 in creating the system is to identify the bad habit that you want to get rid of. This could be anything ranging from oversleeping, to eating unhealthy snacks or even not getting any exercise at all. Any bad habit can be changed by creating the right system.

Resetting Bad Habits: Step 2

Identify “what this bad habit gives you”. This lets you know why you have held on to the bad habit for this long. Why is it so easy for you to do the bad habit? Realising why you do the bad thing, will make it easier fir you to realise how it is holding you back from achieving your goals. This will ultimately help you create a system to reset bad habits.

Resetting Bad Habits: Step 3

Find a good habit that you are going to replace the bad habit with. It is easier to let go of a bad habit if there is something to replace it with. For example, it would be more effective to replace your habit of eating unhealthy snacks with eating healthy snacks either than to completely stop snacking. If you deprive yourself of snacks altogether, you’re more likely to relapse into your old habits. So find a good habit to replace the bad one.

Resetting Bad Habits: Step 4

Find an impactful task that you will do to facilitate resetting the bad habit (from step 1) and replacing it with a good habit (from step 3). This step bring the entree system together. With the information from steps 1 to 3, what task can you do to ensure that the process can be a success? For example if you want to reset your lack of exercise and start going to the gym, your impactful task could be setting a reminder or packing your gym bag beforehand. The task makes it more difficult to avoid the task than it would be to just do it.

Resetting Bad  Habits: Examples

reset bad habits

Take Home: Is It Possible To Reset Bad Habits And Form Good Habits?

Yes. By creating a system, you can form good habits in no time. Well to be more accurate, you can form good habits in about 21 – 30 days. If you keep at it and stick to the system for that period of time, you will eventually reset you bad habits and replace them with new good habits. In the very least this strategy is worth trying. Have you been able to form good habits? What strategy did you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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