Job hunting tips – how to deal

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job hunting tips and how to deal

Job Hunting Tips

The job hunting process is not an easy one. For you to successfully make it through, you will not only need effective strategies but tips on how to emotionally deal with the process. Here are some job hunting tips that will help you get through this process successfully.


When undertaking this journey of looking for a new job, it is best to be prepared by having a solid strategy in place. You need to know the jobs you want to apply to, your non-negotiables,how you will be applying and how often you will do it.

These job hunting tips will help you draft this plan.


Before you begin the job hunt process, you need to sit down and specify the following:

  • Your top three job positions
  • The salary range that you are willing to consider
  • Ideal location
  • Contract duration

This step is crucial because once the job hunt process starts, it can become overwhelming. And if you have not determined the criteria of your non-negotiables, you might be tempted to take a job that is not good for you.

While at this step, you will benefit from running through different scenarios to determine your priorities and what you are willing to accept.

For example, during my search I had said that the only way I was going to take a job that was far from home was if my salary requirements are met, as well as if it permanent employment and not a temporary contract. This helped me filter out the job offers till I found my ideal job.


Central  to the job application process is having an updated CV or resume as we all know. However, what you might not know is that the traditional resume is slowly becoming obsolete. It is no longer enough to get you a job.

Having an online presence is very important in today’s world. Gary Vee’s book Crush It! goes into detail on the importance of having a personal brand, an online presence and why the traditional resume is outdated.

If you are unsure on how to begin, a good way is to have a good LinkedIn profile. According to the balance small business, LinkedIn is described as a social network specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect. Unlike other social networks in which you might become “friends” with anyone and everyone, LinkedIn is about building strategic relationships. Read this post to find out more about the platform.

In order to maximize the efficiency of this platform, your profile should be set up properly. This will ensure that you get the right job post recommendations, the right companies and recruiters can find you. Also, a properly set up profile will be crucial if  you apply for a job through the LinkedIn profile.

Want to learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile, read this post.


One important factor in achieving any goal is consistency. For most of the jobs that you apply for you might not get a response or they will only respond after some months. You might even be in your new job by the time some of the companies get back to you.

This can be demoralizing but it is important that you stay consistent and apply as often as you can. Cast the net as wide as possible, and you surely will find what is right for you.

For example, I sent out an average of 5 applications every working day. It sounds like a lot, but I did not get responses from most of them.


If this job hunt process is a bit too much, you have the option of going through a recruitment agency. They will help you draft your resume, come up with your criteria, look for jobs for you as well as help you prepare for your interview.

What’s in it for them? Most agencies are paid by companies that are looking for candidates, whereas other agencies charge a fee to process your application.

Warning: Some recruitment agencies are scammers. They may be after the fee that you pay or even might use your documentation to steal your identity. To avoid both of these scenarios, learn how to spot the real recruitment agencies from the scammers here.


Attending interviews is integral to this process. Therefore you need to be well prepared. This includes the outfit that you will wear and finding out what is appropriate.

You also need to prepare your answers to both the HR questions as well as the technical questions.

Finally, and most importantly, you need to prepare your mindset to ensure that you ace all of your interviews.


This process is such a roller coaster and can easily take its toll on your emotions. Even if you go with an agency but the stress that comes with the waiting, rejections and grueling interviews can become too much to handle.

When this starts to happen and you are filled with self-doubt, it is important to remember that you are worth it and you will find the job that is meant for you.

This is not easy to do when you feel like nothing is going well. The best thing to do in this situation is to speak to someone that you trust. This will help you get support and possibly a different perspective on things.

Have you recently gone through this process? How did you deal with it? Do you have more job hunting tips that you found useful? Please share the knowledge and let us know in the comment’s section below.

Job hunting tips

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