6 Beauty Secrets That You Need To Know

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beauty secrets

Beauty Secrets:

Have you ever wondered how these models stay beautiful and look good all the time? Yes they are insanely beautiful people but they also have secrets that help them stay that way for longer. Here are the beauty secrets and beauty hacks that even you can implement to take your already beautiful self to a whole other level.


Don’t be in the habit of wearing excessive make up when you don’t need to. For example, when you’re spending the day indoors over the weekend. In fact, you could even have a no make up day when you are indoors. Always wearing make up can have bad long term effects, so limit it when you can.

Also avoid wearing make up when you are going to the gym. I know we all like to look our best all.the.time. but mixing all of that sweat and the make up is probably not going to help you get the clear skin that you want.

beauty secrets


Pro tip: Double cleanse your face to ensure that all of the impurities are washed away.

Double cleansing is one of the beauty secrets that promote and ensure better looking skin for longer.

We already know that cleansing your skin during your skin care routine is crucial for clearer skin, but dermatologists are now saying that double cleansing is a beauty hack that should be considered as standard during your skin care routine.

The second cleansing step is especially important if you are wearing either foundation or sunscreen, as these are difficult to remove. But most people use these products, so double cleansing is definitely a must for pretty much everyone.


Let’s be honest ladies, shaving is not one of the most fun and exciting activities. Especially since it seems as if your hair grows back faster and thicker (this is only a myth though).

Have ever wondered how other ladies are able to have smoother shaves for longer? Do they just shave more often?


However, there are other ways to make sure that you have a smoother shave for longer as well.

This includes using a new shaving stick/razor after three uses, dry shaving or even trying shaving products made for men!

For more beauty secrets to make your shaving experience easier, check this post by Lifehack.


Okay so you have probably heard of the tip to switch your shower to cold water at the end. This is done so that you close and tighten your pores. But there is a beauty secret that takes this hack to a whole new level… icing your face.

You literally use an ice block and rub it on your skin.

This leaves your skin looking poreless, clearer and with a slight glow.

This technique is apparently not new and has been around for years. All you do is ice your face after washing it or taking a shower.

It is a messy process but is sooooo worth it in the end.

beauty secrets


So we probably don’t think about this as much, but we our fingers to touch practically everything…Then we use them to swab our face creams. Transferring all of those germs.

Make up artists recommend using a cotton swab to scoop the cream onto your face.

This is actually what they do as the make up different models. So although you may have not thought about it before, you should probably start implementing this one.

beauty secrets


Drink a.lot. of water. This hack is not really one of the beauty secrets. We all know drinking water is good for you (in so many different ways).

But when it comes to getting clearer skin, regardless of what products you may use, if you do not supplement it with drinking water, it won’t work.

So drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and you are closer to reaching your goal of clear skin.

Drinking this much water may not be easy for everyone, I get it. I was like you. Learn how I overcame this here. Now I get my 8 glasses or 2 liters of water daily, and my skin is getting clearer by the day.

Drinking through a straw also makes it easier.

I hope this helps you realize that you too can look as good as those runway models all the time. With these tips you can enhance and preserve your beauty for much longer.

What other beauty secrets do you know of? Let’s share the knowledge and let us know in the comments section below.

beauty secrets



beauty secrets




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