Feel and be more attractive with these habits:

As women we are already very beautiful and attractive beings. However, as we tackle the challenges in the world and strive to make things happen and achieve our goals, it will help to actually feel confident and attractive. Because once you look good, you will feel good and therefore do good.

With everything going on in our lives, it is not always easy to put in the work and time to look on point. So I have put together a list of simple habits that are basically effortless and will help you be more attractive.

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I am sure you are all familiar with the struggle of trying to decide what you will wear every morning. Even with a full closet of clothes, somehow at that moment, it always seems like you have absolutely nothing to wear.

Another downside is that you usually don’t have enough time to try on different outfits in the morning. So you might find yourself walking out in an outfit that you really don’t like, but that will “just have to do for the day” because you just couldn’t find the right outfit combination that morning.

All of the stress of trying to find the right outfit in the morning can be straining and could easily ruin your day. Plus you don’t need to be making this decision so early in the morning.

There is a way to avoid this…

Here’s what you do:

Plan your outfit the evening (or even the Sunday evening) before

Developing this one habit will surely help you in the long run. You will no longer have to take so much time in the morning trying to decide what you should wear. Planning your outfits when you have enough time will surely help you be more attractive. And you could keep those great decision-making skill for other important things that will come at you during the day.

To make everything even easier for you, there are apps that you can use. So you can take pictures of your clothing items and store them on the app. You can therefore plan your outfits online, from literally anywhere.

Here are a few apps that you can use to create your electronic wardrobe:


If for some reason you don’t have the time to either take pictures of your clothes or to plan your outfit the evening or Sunday evening  before, there are other alternatives.

There are basically two things that you can do:

  1. You can have a set “uniform” that you know you always look good in. Now I don’t mean that you should wear the same clothes everyday. No, I mean you should know which outfit combination works well for you. For example, you might look amazing in a denim jean, shirt and oversize blazer. In that case, whenever you have not planned your outfit before hand, you can always use your uniform as your back-up. This way, you will definitely look good and be more attractive without even trying.
  2. Create a capsule wardrobe. These are great for when you’re are a minimalist or actually have few clothes. They are so easy to create and allow you to have a wide variety of outfit combinations to choose from. Check out Miss Louie’s capsule wardrobe video at the end of this post to get some inspiring ideas.


We all have so much to do and when you are trying to be more attractive, you might focus on just one aspect of things. I know I’m very guilty of this.

The big 3 are:




So when the hair looks good, most people tend to ignore the other 2. Or when someone is wearing an amazing outfit, they may disregard the other 2. It’s understandable that we have so much to get done in the little time we have, so it may not be easy to keep up with all 3 at all times.

But if you are truly on a mission to feel and be more attractive, you will need to make an effort in all of these 3. It won’t be easy, but like with any other good habit, it will come to you easily after 21 days of practicing it.


Once you have decided on your outfit, no matter how amazing it may look, the wrong shoe can instantly dial everything down.

So it is very important to have a staple or basic shoe that goes with almost everything. To be safe, the ideal shoe to go for (regardless of design) would be a

These are great options, however, try out other colors and see what works for you. For your information, here are the 10 essential shoes that every woman should own.

habits for women to effortlessly be more attractive


It is very important that you take good care of your skin consistently and regularly. Besides making you more attractive, this will help you age well and your skin will always look radiant.

The best thing to ensure that your skin is consistently being taken care of is to develop a skin care routine. There is so much information on the different routines that people use. However, it would be best to create a skincare routine that is suited to your skin. Click here to learn how.


Working is obviously good for your health and can keep you fit. There is another big upside to it though. When you work out you will look more better.

In addition to that, working out can help you relieve stress and feel more energetic. This outcome will in you looking and feeling more attractive. It boosts your confidence while making you look your best.

habits for women to effortlessly be more attractive


When you are confident and look like you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going will make you more attractive. This is especially important in your workplace or business. It helps you get the respect that you deserve.

Being confident is not as easy as just saying “I will be more confident”. There is a lot of work that goes into it. But don’t worry, it is still very possible. I’m living proof that even introverts can be confident. Here are confidence tips that you can implement and help you take on anything you are faced with.


Having good posture goes hand in hand with being confident. Your posture and the way that you walk says a lot about the person that you are. It is usually the first impression that you will be judged on. In addition, having bad posture is going to cause you problems in the future.

So strive ans practice having good posture and it will benefit your health and you will look good.


In the fast paced world we are living in now, it is not easy to get someone’s attention. We are either checking our Instagram notifications or doing something else that involves yet another screen.

So being attentive, making eye contact and nodding when speaking with someone is rare these days. It will be appreciated and will help you look more attractive.

habits for women to effortlessly be more attractive


I will be honest with you…I don;t like being told to smile. but I do recognize it’s power. Smiling makes you seem more open, easier to approach and definitely will make you be more attractive.

So even if you may not like hearing it (like myself), smiling will be beneficial for you in the workplace in your business and especially during networking.


Being positive is great for your image, and will certainly help you achieve your goals. But being known as someone who is generally positive will make people want to be around you and spend their time with you.

You will be the person that brings them a bit of joy, uplifts them…which is a very attractive quality to have.


Be supportive of other women, empower others, learn from each other. Go against the status quo.

It is generally known that women are in competition with each other, but it does not need to be that way. It is so attractive to see a woman that is genuinely supportive of her peers, gives advice and helps in any way that she can.

You can be that woman too, you can empower other women and be more attractive in the process. To assist in this process, empower yourself first with these TED talks and podcasts.


Be polite and kind, even when you are not asking for a favor or expecting something in return. This makes you look good. And by doing this, people will recognize you as a good person and be willingly to help you when you need something.


I am not a fan of this one. but if you want to appear as an elegant, put-together and classy woman then speaking eloquently will beneficial to you. This means no cussing, or having negative comments in general.

This will not only help you be more attractive, but will make it pleasant to be around you. And you will be seen as a classy woman.

habits for women to effortlessly be more attractive


If all else fails…wear red. Even if it’s just your lipstick. This will make you command attention when you walk into a room or get up to speak. It is  a great alternative to be more attractive.


Now the stage is yours. Which habits do you have that make you feel and be more attractive? Let’s spread the knowledge and share this article.

15 habits for women to be more attractive

15 habits for women to be more attractive

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