How to have the (real) talk about money with your friends

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How to talk about money with friends

Money talk, the real talk


Being in a group of friends, you will generally have to attend different events for one reason or another. You and your friends might have to visit a fancy place to hang out, celebrate a birthday or even a new job. Some of your friends might enjoy the finer things in life and suggest that you go to high end places for every occasion. But since we all have different financial situations and responsibilities, this may not be possible for you to keep up with every time. This is especially true in our 20’s when we’re still trying to stabilize our lives and find ourselves.

Or …

You may be on the other end of the spectrum. You may be the friend that can afford to go to the more expensive places every weekend. This may make you feel guilty because you know that not all of your friends have the money. But in the other hand you want to have fun and enjoy your money.

Whichever one of these people you may be, there is only one way to handle the situation…

Having the real talk about money with your friends.

Just like when Joey, Phoebe and Rachel felt like they could not afford to contribute to some events…they talked about it. And that’s how it was resolved.


how to talk to your friends about money
Friends: Season 2, Episode 5


I know that this is not easy, with money being such a taboo topic in our time. But there are certain things that you can do to make the conversation easier to handle … without losing any of your friends.

Ease Into It

Start off with a simple question. Just to see if they are open to talking about their finances. Not everyone will open up about money easily.You could start off by asking how things are going and how are they handling everything?

This is a good way to get them talking and to slowly ease into the topic of money.

These questions will lead to the discussion of her responsibilities and how she copes with them.

How to talk about money with friends

Get To The Point

Once you get talking, get to the point. Even if you may feel awkward talking about money, if you are trying to get your friend to open up, it would be best to go straight to the point.

It’s a two-way conversation

The best way to tackle the topic about money without making it too awkward is to talk about your experience with it as well. It would be best if you explain your responsibilities and other financial commitments.Talk about how you afford to make it all of the friendship dates. This will make everyone aware of the different situations that you’re in. And from then onward, everyone will be considerate and look into more affordable options.

How to talk about money with friends

Find Alternatives

After having this talk, you will need to find alternatives that are both fun and affordable for everyone in the group. Here’s a list of 30 possible activities.

This solution is a great middle ground for both people. You can also decide to plan and save for the bigger and more expensive activities. This way, both types of people are accommodated. The person with less money can afford to spend time with her friends, and the friend who enjoys the finer things in life gets to experience those as well. It’s a good compromise that works.

At the end of the day, it is important to be considerate of one another for your friendship to thrive. So try having the real money talk with your friends and see how beneficial it will be for you. Let us know how it goes in the comments below, I’m curious to know.

Also, if you know of more tips that will make talking about money easier, please let us know in the comments. Let’s share the knowledge.

How to have the real talk about money with friends




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