30 Inexpensive Friendship Date Ideas

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inexpensive friendship date ideas

Friendship Date Ideas

We all know how important it is to nurture our friendships so that we keep them thriving (see this post for more good reasons). But with our busy schedules and with everything else that we have going, it is becoming a bit harder to keep in touch. And even when you do get together, it is most likely to have drinks or dinner. This activity quickly becomes predictable, not to mention expensive.

But don’t worry, I got you. Below is a list of inexpensive date ideas nicely categorized for your convenience (and for my love of making lists).

inexpensive friendship date ideas


After living in a place for a while, you can easily end up visiting the same places every time. One easy and inexpensive friendship date ideas is to broaden yourselves, and try visiting other places in your area. There are so many different places you could visit, but here are just a few date ideas.

  1. Visit local landmarks
  2. Visit a museum
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Go to the beach


inexpensive friendship date ideas


Some activities are great to do with your friends. They are fun and will help you make more memories together.

  1. Do a duet on karaoke night
  2. Go chocolate and wine tasting
  3. Go to a farmer’s market
  4. Take an exercise/dance class
  5. Go thrift shopping
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Have fun on a road trip
  8. Go out for brunch
  9. Go out for a comedy night
  10. Attend a local event in your city
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Go cart racing
  13. Take a cooking class together/learn a new skill together
  14. Go on a coffee date to talk and catch up

inexpensive friendship date ideas


Just because you’re low on funds, it doesn’t mean that you and friends cannot still have fun together. This is where at home friendship date ideas come to the rescue. They are definitely inexpensive AND fun!

  1. Host a game night
  2. Host a viewing party/Netflix series viewing
  3. Try out cooking a new recipe
  4. Have a photo shoot at home
  5. Have a braai/barbeque
  6. Host a movie night
  7. Do a DIY craft task together
  8. Do each other’s nails
  9. Make a new cocktail recipe
  10. Have a skype/facetime video date


  1. Volunteer and help out in your community
  2. Work from a coffee shop

This list will surely get you going for the next couple of friendship dates. How else do you and your friends spend time together without spending a lot? Please let us know in the comments below. Let’s spread the knowledge.




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