Why Women Need Everlasting Close-knit Friendships

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What good friendships can do for a woman


There are many adjustments that I had to make when my adulthood journey began (post graduation). The biggest change being trying to keep my friendships alive. This has always been one of my biggest weaknesses. I lost touch with primary school friends and high school friends. And after graduation it became even harder to hold on to friendships because life always got in the way.

We had to go through a drastic change. In varsity we would sit under our tree, have lunch and catch up daily. Now that everyone is doing their own thing and just going through life, we feel the gap. Valentine often longs for the “tree” again, so we can catch up and make sure that no one is feeling left out.

Nurturing these friendships is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work but they are worth it. These close-knit friendships are especially important for women. Girl friendships are important for not only the laughter but also for the hard times. Men do play an important roles in our lives, but in some situations you need the intuition of a women, our 6th sense to kick in and to do and say the right thing during all situations.

Here’s how you can benefit from a close-knit girl friendship.

Personal Growth & Happiness

It is said that we are the average of the five people close to us. For me, these people are my girl friends. They determine where I am in life and where I am going. So nurturing your friendships, growing them and improving each other will result in the growth of you as a person as well.

Your posse can be a pool of great advice, encouragement and empowerment for when you’re feeling down. If I have already gone through something, then my friend should breeze through it … she can avoid any dangers, and celebrate in the successes. This way you get the feeling of not being alone in the struggles that you go through in life.

Every time after having a chill session with even one of my girl friends I feel empowered and as if I can actually achieve anything. My group of friends encourages me and keeps me going.

The best part about being in a group is that different aspects of your life can be addressed or related to each friend in some way. For example, my friend Fortune comes to me to talk about business ideas and money but she goes to Jennifer to talk about township struggles. But when it comes to guy problems, it becomes a group discussion because we all have a lot of experience in that department. And everything works out well.

The importance of good friendships in a woman's life

Emotional Support

When life starts to get rough, good friendships will come in handy. Your friends can get you through struggles such as, job loss, cheating husbands and even sickness or disease. How?

Your posse represents the strength of women, the resilience, comfort, confidence and joy and happiness. It helps you get through the tough things in life.

Women are compassionate and caring. It’s always great to have them in your corner. As long as you invest in these friendships, these women will come through for you all the time. Life is full of surprises, you will need your tribe for emotional support.

I have always said that during the sessions we have as friends, I don’t just want to know what happened but also how you felt as it happened, and I feel that this strengthens the friendship making you one whole.

Your friends are the ones that will help with everything from baby-sitting to dealing with office drama or even handling disease. They are definitely the people that you need in your corner. Together, you’re stronger than ever!

The importance of good friendships in a woman's life


I recently read somewhere that you know you are close friends if you’ve tried to start a business a two. Guess what…my friends and I are constantly thinking of business ideas!

So having a close-knit group of friends could have great financial benefits. In a world where women are moving forward and having a strong presence in the corporate world, having your girls to back you during these endeavors is going to make you fearless and help you strive.

Even Science Agrees

Okay I am gonna sound technical now…brace yourselves.

“Studies have shown an improvement in psychological bio markers such as blood pressure and BMI with an increase in positive social relationships, including friendships.”

Haha okay but for real though, nurturing your girl friendships has been proven to be good for your health.

The importance of good friendships in a woman's life

So meet up for coffee, have a pizza night, or (for non-eating activities) go out for a karaoke night. The more you put in the time to do this, the healthier you will become.

My friends have gotten me through a lot…I honestly feel more confident and really great about myself, knowing that I have all of these girls to turn to. It is a friendship I will invest in for life.

“My girl friends are the sisters that I choose”

Regardless of my previous track record, I am committed to making sure that this group of friends stays with me forever. This means that I will put in the work, check in and make time to do fun stuff together. There no more excuses. And hopefully, one day we will be in our 50’s, sipping drinks on a beach somewhere, still having fun, talking through our problems and helping each other grow.

Please share any of your heart warming friendship stories in the comments below.

Why women need close-knit friendships
Why women need close-knit friendships


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