10 Office Essentials For Your Work Closet in your 20’s

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I am always thinking about what to wear to certain events, in fact most females do. Being in my 20’s and as a recent graduate, I had absolutely no idea what to wear work. What is considered as appropriate work attire? What are the office essentials I should own as a working girl in her 20’s. To add to it all, I was an intern. That means I did not want to dress up too formal, such that you would think I have been working for years. Also, an intern’s starting salary is not enough to buy a whole new ‘work’ wardrobe. So it was important that I start building this wardrobe by including the basic or essential work clothes first.


You might think that owning basics is going to make you seem dull. But what I absolutely love doing is styling my basic pieces together the more luxury or high end items. This way, you will always look stylish without breaking the bank. So it’s a win, win! And since this post is going to show you the basic office items to prioritize, it becomes a win, win, win situation!


Okay, let’s get into it. Firstly, I strongly that the shoe makes or breaks your outfit. And the go-to shoe that will definitely MAKE your outfit is the…

Classic black Court Heel

Office Essential: pair of black court heels

The court shoe is perfect for office wear. It goes with almost anything. You can wear it with formal pants or skinny jeans (if you are like me, and don’t want to be too formal). If you want to go all out then you could even wear the court shoe with a pencil skirt. This combination will definitely give a more elegant look. The kinda look that says, “I’m ready for my promotion now.” The next step after this would be to get a red leather court shoe. It adds that ‘boss lady’ vibe to every outfit, whether casual or formal. You could actually go straight for the red court heel. It’s just that I prefer getting the basic version first before upgrading.

The Well Tailored Blazer

Every woman needs to have at least one well tailored blazer that is just going to bring the outfit together.

Black Balmain Blazer

A blazer works well with any outfit. You can wear to work with formal pants or a pencil skirt. You could also rock a blazer casually by pairing it with  tight fitting jeans. The blazer is my personal favorite since it is perfect for work outfits that can be worn to have drinks later on. So they are twice as great!

The Boss Lady Pencil Skirt

Like I have already said, nothing says “I am ready for that promotion” like a pencil skirt with court heels.

When it comes to the pencil skirt, I generally go for one that is knee length. But if you want to go full on with the Boss Lady look, go for a midi pencil skirt. It is more elegant makes a statement that “I am running the show now.” I would also going for a plain black skirt and build your collection from there.

The Ankle Grazer Pants

Ankle grazer formal pants are an easy way to dress up your entire outfit. They are a good alternative to simple jeans. You may not be a Audrey Hepburn fan, but you have to admit that made her outfits powerful by wearing this item.

The ankle grazer pants are definitely more chic than jeans, they make you look more ‘put together’ but not too formal. And of course you should start by getting black ones first, before exploring other colors and designs. Also, these pair really well with flat pumps or even the mighty court heel.

Stylish Flat Pumps

Since we are already speaking about flat pumps, they are the next essential item. The beauty of flat pumps is that they can be worn to ‘simplify’ an outfit. I usually wear them when I feel the rest of my outfit is over done and pumps just bring everything together. It works they other way around as well. Pumps are also perfect for those when you just feel like wearing heels because you might be doing a lot of walking around or for whatever other reason. Wearing pumps will keep your outfit elegant enough and make you look stylish as well.

This is the one time where I don’t think buying black pumps is a must. I often opt for a nude color, or at least nude pink. These colors are just cute and yet elegant as well. And the best part is that they go well with most outfits. Just picture these pumps with simple blue jeans and a white shirt… absolutely amazing and stylish while at the same time, so simple.

The White Shirt

This is one of my favorite items because it just works well in any kind of outfit. It works with any look you try to pull off.

As you can see in this picture, a white shirt can look good with a pair of jeans. This look is so ‘put together’ without being too formal. You can also go extremely formal with this shirt by wearing it with either formal pants of ankle grazer pants. The beauty of this item is that there are so many variations of it. You could get one that is a little bit over-sized and pair it with a tight-fitted pencil skirt.

The Little Black Dress

The LBD is usually known to be perfect for night life and is perfect for dates. But i say get a good-looking, decent black dress that you can wear in the office and after work.

The little black dress is the perfect day to night dress. But if you are not keen on wearing it to the office, then you could replace it with another decent dress that works for office time and for grabbing drinks later.

An Elegant Top Coat

The top coat is definitely one of the most luxurious and mature looking coats that you could add to your outfit on those cold days. When it comes to this coat I definitely suggest a bold boss lady color. My personal preference is red. Don’t get me wrong, black is great and absolutely elegant. It’s just that the coat you wear to the office should be a power piece, and the way to do that is to get the perfect color.

The Structured Tote

Another power piece is the tote bag. Nope, it’s the structured tote bag. It is perfect for every possible work outfit. And in most cases, it is large enough to fit all of the stuff that you need. These bags look great in any color. But I have a weakness for brown tote bags. They just can be very elegant and relaxed as well, depending on the outfit that you are wearing.

Stylish Studs

Diamond studs, real or faux add a mature feeling to the way that you are dressed. Owning a pair like the one showed here will add a little sparkle to your face when you have your hair in an up-do.


So there you have it. The ultimate guide to the essentials that you should get when building your work wardrobe. What I love about these pieces is that they are suitable for someone who is still starting out their career in their 20’s, but they are also timeless pieces. The key is the way that you pair them.

PS: An important tip (that I learnt the hard way), when it comes to essentials like these it is best to invest in quality items, that way they will last longer. And you can rock your stylish outfits for longer.


10 office essentials for your work closet in your 20s

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